DaMe Network



DaMe Network is a platform with its main goal to promote the formation and development of media networks inside the Danube region, which would, by means of a special internet, or satellite connection, link all radio and television centers in the region between themselves, through the main media operation center. Envisioned as a media cooperation project in the Danube Region, DaMe Network takes on the mission to improve the transfer of information within the audiovisual industry, to promote a clearer view of the market and a greater transparency in the Danube Region. Objectives of the network are:

-  Creation of a media presentation strategy of the region;

-  Creation of systems of exchange programs between broadcasting centers in the region;

-  Development of cooperation between media centers;

-  Speeding up cooperation between various parts of the region;

-  Development of regional and local broadcasting studios.


The system should include the following activities:

  1. Daily news exchange by establishing a common database system, where each member of the system would fill the database with information and materials, and in turn would be able to use information and materials of all other members. System implies respect and professional agency behaviour declared by clauses that will be determined by the members of DA-ME network.
  2. Establishing a system database event announcements.
  3. Exchange of political, economic, cultural and other analysis, reports, assessments and other materials.
  4. Establishment of text, audio and video archive (news, documentaries, films, etc…). Archive is used by declared clauses.
  5. Exchange of television and radio shows.
  6. The establishment of mutual cooperation on the development of production of television and radio projects. The provision of mutual technical, technological and personnel support. Design and realization of joint projects.
  7. Maintaining a common Internet portal.
  8. Publishing activities: periodic professional and popular publications.
  9. Promotion of economic, cultural, environmental, scientific, tourist and other potentials of the region.
  10. Organization of professional seminars, conferences and other events.
  11. Exchange of personnel, mutual visits, as well as other forms of cooperation.
  12. Building a communication network between countries and various institutions of the region.
  13. Organization of annual radio and TV festival in the region.


The system works in the languages of the countries within the Danube region, while common language of communication should be English.


Potential members of the system are all public, state and private (international, regional and local) radio and television stations in the region.