DAmedia is a network of regional, national and local media stations that aims to promote the idea and plans of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region, as well as the values of the entire Danube Region.

In this context, every member of the network will have the opportunity to enrich their program content by providing information and other media materials from the Danube Region. Moreover, the countries in the Region will be offered the chance not only to launch more of their own information, but also to promote their economic, cultural and social values, as well as their own plans within the Danube Strategy.

Because the audiovisual sector has experienced a significant change in the investment and financing strategies for production, marketing and exhibition of audiovisual works, DAmedia supports stakeholders in the realization of cross-border projects and fosters productive contacts between professionals working in broadcasting.

The main objective of DAmedia is to promote the contribution of broadcasting industry to smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth and social progress in the European Union. Furthermore, the network seeks to make better use of the performing, heritage and cultural assets of the Region by developing strengths in the creative, cultural, entertainment and tourism industries.